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About Real Clean


Founded in 1976 by Jeff Kilnapp, Real Clean has been serving the automotive business for over 35 years, with the knowledge of the issues between sales and service that are inherent in the reconditioning department, as well as all the increasing liabilities the dealership must face within its department.


How do we get the highest level of workmanship out of every staff member in reconditioning? How do we cut expenses and reduce liability?


Jeff came up with the "Real Clean Dream Philosophy", where all the staff has ownership in the Real Clean business. This marketing strategy gives each experienced independent detailer ownership in their work driving them to become self-motivated, raising workmanship and cutting expenses. Real Clean is the broker between the auto dealer and the highly experienced independent detailer making the perfect match between the two. Real Clean has helped hundreds of hard working, self-motivated people to do just that— own their own business, and drive their own career. This in turn has generated thousands of customers which have benefited from using Real Clean, the fastest growing auto detailing company in the United States.


Real Clean has expanded to over 130 loyal dealerships in seven states with the help of Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Erik Wahlberg, and eight field supervisors.


Let us bring your reconditioning department to the next level with our highly experienced independent detailers.


We service over 100 new car dealers:

  • Network of the most experienced detailers in the business

  • Knowledge on how to run detail departments with our experience of over 35 years

  • The best support system 24-hours / 7 days-a-week

  • Certified in all the major automobile brands